Spring checklist for your home

It’s officially spring! Welcoming the spring season is an exciting time for all of us. We get to leave our windows open for some fresh air, escape our hibernation, and embrace the return of the sun we so graciously appreciate after only seeing its glare for a few months in the reflection of heaps [...]

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AFUE Explained

Many CPS Heating & Cooling customers have shown curiosity about the efficiency of their current or future heating and/or cooling system so today we’ve chosen to write a brief post to explain the terminology and your efficiency options so you feel more confident and informed when speaking with your technician. First and foremost, it [...]

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Beautiful Air Conditioning Units

Is there a “beautiful” air conditioning unit? No. Here’s how to solve the problem. A complete home is a balance of comfort, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. This is as true for your home’s heating, cooling and air quality system as it is for your furnishings and decor. Coordinating the efficiency, price, and place within [...]

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Can a high efficiency furnace be installed in my attic?

Perhaps the first thought that crosses many minds when it is time to install a furnace — particularly when replacing a small antiquated unit with a new, high-efficiency one — is a question: “Where am I going to find the room to put it?” Most people choose the basement or a closet, but if [...]

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Gas Boiler Upgrade in Marlborough, MA

CPS recently installed these two 96% AFUE gas boilers in a multi-family in Marlborough MA Click to view larger image These 78% AFUE gas boilers were recently replaced by the 96% AFUE gas boilers above Click to view larger image What is AFUE?

Gas Boiler Upgrade in Marlborough, MA2019-02-13T12:11:28-04:00
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