CPS Heating & Cooling discusses ways to prepare your home for winter storms in New England.

Snowstorms in New England can be severe. Staying ahead of an impending storm and being prepared is important! All across New England, winter not only brings cooler temperatures but blizzard conditions as well. There are a few different things you can do to prepare for snow and potential storms:

  1. Test Your Snow Blower

Check your snow blower to make sure it’s working properly and that your blower has a full canister of fuel. Snow removal companies charge top dollar during blizzards. Don’t own a blower? Check your snow shovel to make sure it’s in good shape, shovels get pretty expensive during storms too.

  1. Check for Drafts

Walk around your home and take note of any areas that have a draft. Most drafts occur around doors and windows, causing cool air to seep into your home. This is not only costly for your energy bill but makes certain areas of your home uncomfortably cold. During snow storms, winds often become strong making draft regions particularly noticeable. DIY kits are available to weather strip windows and doors.

  1. Schedule an Annual Furnace Tune-UpCPS Heating and Cooling meets the needs of your family and your budget:

We recommend scheduling furnace tune-ups annually to make sure homeowners are kept safe and warm all winter long. The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority so we have implemented COVID-19 protocols.Because furnace tune-ups are critical, we are continuing to provide maintenance checks during this time.

  1. Stock Up on Firewood

During snow storms, starting a fire in your fireplace makes the home much cozier. Also, fireplaces provide extra warmth to keep your family warm. Stocking up on firewood ahead of time is important, especially in the likelihood that a storm will make traveling impossible.

5. Charge Electronics, Backup Charger Packs, and Stock Up on Batteries

Sometimes power outages occur during snow storms and can take hours or days to be resolved. Charging battery packs now or purchasing some if you do not have any is worth your while. Battery packs can be used to charge communication devices, laptops, and more. Keeping your battery supply full for flashlights, radios, and other battery-powered devices, is important too.

Taking the time to prepare your home before storm season begins will keep your stress at bay and provide more assurance for your family.

With any storm or blizzard, it’s important to take precautions seriously and stay alert. As a reminder, here is an outline of key steps recommended by the American Red Cross.

Safety, warmth, comfort are priorities for comfortable winters in Massachusetts.

  • Tune into local radio and news stations for information and updates. Turn notifications on for your mobile devices so you don’t miss important alerts.
  • Have an emergency evacuation plan in mind. If power goes out, it is critical that your family knows what to do in order to stay warm and safe.
  • Keep your emergency kit nearby and easily accessible. If a storm occurs at night and the power goes out, it is important that your family knows how to safely find the emergency kit in the dark.
  • Keep flashlights near bedside tables and in common areas for easy accessibility.

Stay safe and warm this winter!


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