Carrier® Ductless: any space, any need, any use — and any budget.

With virtually endless configuration options, a Carrier ductless system provides the flexibility to work where standard air conditioning doesn’t. Let CPS provide consistent comfort by replacing or supplementing an existing system for improved energy efficiency.

The Carrier Advantage


Ductless heating and cooling systems provide comfort to areas that traditional central air conditioning can’t. It’s so versatile that it can easily be integrated into any home, office or condominium.

  • Minimal Installation
  • No ducts, patching, painting
  • No interior wiring
  • Small units indoors & out
  • Long refrigerant lines allow for outdoor units to be installed far away from house
  • Single unit or an entire system of units


  • Renovations/additions
  • Space conversions like an attic or garage
  • Older homes
  • Sunrooms
  • Hot & cold spots

Energy Efficient

Carrier Ductless systems are an incredibly efficient way to increase your home comfort. They adjust speed and output as conditions change for both comfort and energy savings. The minimal fluctuation in temperature due to the variable-speed inverter-controlled compressor reduces high energy use. You can easily target specific areas of your home and not waste energy on unoccupied rooms.

Rebates & Financing

Many incentives and financing options are available to help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades and renovations to their homes, including up to $14,000 worth of tax credits are available through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Learn more about Financing and Rebates options available through CPS Heating and Cooling.

Complete Comfort

Overall comfort is not based on temperature alone. Ductless systems run longer, low-speed cycles which provide for quieter operation. These steadier cycles also offer more consistent humidity control as the longer cycles pull moisture from the air almost continuously. A Carrier Ductless system with variable-speed technology can be used to target a problem area, like a finished basement, for both humidity and allergens.

  • Targeted/Room-based temperature control
  • Personalize your comfort
  • Humidity & Allergen Control
  • Quiet Operation

CPS Heating & Cooling can design a ductless cooling and/or heating system to improve your home’s energy efficiency and at the same time, help you personalize the overall comfort of your home.