Mass Save

When you purchase an air conditioning system or heat pump that is Energy Star rated, you may be eligible for a rebate.

Heating Rebates

Installation Type Rebate Manufacturer’s AFUE is at least:
Hot Water Boiler $2,000 / $1,500 90% Natural Gas / Propane
Hot Water Boiler $2,750 / $2,300 95% Natural Gas / Propane
Furnace with ECM Blower, On-Demand DHW $950 95% Natural Gas
Furnace with ECM Blower $1,000 95% Natural Gas / Propane
Furnace with ECM Blower $1,250 97% Natural Gas
Condensing Boiler with On-Demand Water Heater $2,400 / $2,000 95% Natural Gas / Propane
Heat Recovery Ventilator $500 Factory-assembled unit that transfers heat between 2 isolated airstreams
On-Demand Water Heater $600 87% Propane
Indirect Water Heater $400 Must be connected to forced hot water boiler
Energy Star® programmable set-back thermostat $25 Must be Energy Star labeled
Energy Star® WiFi thermostat $100 Must be Energy Star labeled

Air Conditioning Rebates

Rebate Type SEER EER HSPF Rebate Amount
Central Air Conditioning ≥ 16.0 ≥ 13.0 NA $ 50 per ton
Central Heat Pumps ≥ 15.0 ≥10.0 ≥ 9.0 $ 1250 per ton
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump ≥ 15.0 ≥10.0 ≥ 9.0 $ 250 per ton

Rebates through December 31, 2020

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Residential Heat Pump Rebates

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center offers rebates for the installation of high-efficiency air-source heat pumps in residential properties.

Ductless System Central or Multi-head Systems
Rebate $500 per system* $500 per heating ton*
Rebate Limit 3 system maximum 4 ton maximum

*several Carrier® models qualify
Limited-time offer: ask us for details.

Take advantage of Carrier New England's AC Upgrade program for qualifying Carrier furnace with installation of replacement AC, by CPS Heating and Cooling.

Carrier New England A/C Upgrade Program

For qualifying Carrier furnaces with the installation of a new or replacement Carrier air conditioning unit

Efficient A/C or heat pump up to $350 rebate
More efficient A/C or heat pump up to $450 rebate
Most efficient A/C or heat pump up to $600 rebate
Inverter heat pump system $1,000 rebate
Greenspeed hybrid heat pump system up to $1,200 rebate

Limited-time offer: ask us for details.

Massachusetts “HEAT” Loans

The residential HEAT Loan Program provides 0% loans from participating lenders to assist with qualified energy-efficient improvements in residential homes.

Loans are available up to $25,000 with terms up to 7 years (depending on the loan type).

Limited time offer: ask us for details.

Please note: We do our best to keep our web pages up to date with the latest offerings from Mass Save and other agencies offering heating and cooling incentive programs. We are not responsible for outdated information that may appear on this website. We verify rebate offerings when a job is contracted, and make you aware of any time-sensitive information.