Mass Save

When you purchase an air conditioning system or heat pump that is Energy Star rated, you may be eligible for a rebate.

Heating Rebates

Installation Type Rebate Manufacturer’s AFUE is at least:
Hot Water Boiler $2,750 / $2,300 95% Natural Gas / Propane
Furnace with ECM Blower, On-Demand DHW $950 97% Natural Gas
Furnace with ECM Blower $750 / $1,000 95% Natural Gas / Propane
Furnace with ECM Blower $1,250 97% Natural Gas
Condensing Boiler with On-Demand Water Heater $1,600 / $2,000 95% Natural Gas / Propane
On-Demand Water Heater $800 87% UEF – Propane
Indirect Water Heater $400 Must be connected to forced hot water boiler
Energy Star® programmable set-back thermostat $25 Must be Energy Star labeled
Energy Star® WiFi thermostat