CPS helps consumers decide between ductless air conditioners and window units.

When searching for the right air conditioner, weighing each type of system is essential. Ductless mini-splits and window AC units are often compared because they are both small and less intrusive than traditional AC systems with ductwork. You may have noticed that window AC units sometimes have lower prices than mini-splits and wondered if there was much of a difference between the two. The answer is a resounding yes. Each type of AC system has its place, but finding the perfect system for your home or business involves comparing several factors: efficiency, effectiveness, affordability, lifespan, installation process, operation noise, and aesthetics. Let’s compare the two system.

Make a list of what HVAC features you want to cool your home.


Mini-splits are far more energy-efficient than window units. They use heat pump technology, which allows them to produce three to four times more cool air than they consume in electricity. In contrast, window units typically only put out the same amount of cool air as the electricity they use. Mini-splits are designed to eliminate energy loss, whereas window AC units are not. If you want to save money on your energy bills or prioritize eco-friendliness, efficiency is a key consideration.


Both units will cool the space effectively, but ductless mini-splits can cool multiple rooms while window units are more limited and typically only cool one room per unit.


Window units are often more affordable upfront compared to mini-split systems but cost more to operate. However, the upfront cost dynamics change depending on the number of units needed. We highly advise you consult a professional who can correctly size a system for your home to ensure optimal comfort and cost-efficiency.


Window AC units last over 8 years, and mini-splits last 15 or more years.

Installation Process

The installation process of a window AC unit is faster than that of a mini-split system and can often be done without professional assistance. Mini-split system installation requires a professional HVAC technician to ensure the best results.

Operation Noise

Mini-splits are quieter than window AC units. This can be a significant factor if you are looking for a more peaceful environment.


Both mini-splits and window AC units are visible systems. To have a completely hidden system, installing ductwork is necessary. However, mini-splits offer more flexibility and can be installed more discreetly on walls, ceilings, or floors. Those who care about aesthetics often find mini-split units sleeker and less intrusive than window ACs.

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