Peace of mind: year-round…
…with a CPS Preventative Maintenance Membership

You already know your car will last longer and operate more efficiently when it’s properly serviced. The same is true with heating and air conditioning components.

A CPS Preventative Maintenance Membership protects your HVAC system and optimizes its performance. More than that…

  • you are always placed at the front of the list for repair visits
  • conserve fuel and reduce wear and tear on your heating/cooling equipment
  • properly maintained heating and cooling systems save on your utility bills
  • the likelihood of costly, unexpected repairs is greatly reduced
  • the air quality inside your home improves with regularly cleaned filters
  • your family is always safe and comfortable

What to expect when you are one of our “Regulars” with a maintenance membership:

  • priority service over non-agreement customers
  • automatic reminders for scheduling Spring/Fall inspections
  • a multi-point inspection of your system on each visit — routine maintenance prolongs life of equipment, reduces energy costs
  • replace/clean filters, as necessary
  • replace/check humidifier water panels, as needed
  • we lubricate, adjust and safety-test the contracted equipment
  • 50% off of our normal diagnostic fee* and 15% off all repairs on the contracted equipment
  • professional, knowledgeable technicians who will treat you right!

Getting Started:

Call our office at 508-460-6691 for assistance, or:

Download our Preventative Maintenance Membership Brochure: Residential HVAC Maintenance Memberships (PDF)


*After hours/holiday calls carry a higher diagnostic fee, but repairs are at a reduced rate. Maintenance covered by a CPS service membership will be scheduled during our normal business hours: Monday-Friday, 7am to 4pm, with the exception of holidays. Preventative maintenance is required by most manufacturers to maintain the warranty on your equipment. This is not a guarantee that your system will operate without any future repairs. Any required repairs beyond those provided in this membership will be brought to your attention and will be billed separately. Payment will be due upon receipt of repair invoice.

The Premium Maintenance Membership Plan is available for CPS installed systems.

The entire team at CPS Heating & Cooling is dedicated to being the best HVAC contractor in the MetroWest area by providing exceptional service and installation for quality conscious customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or we will make it right!

Contact us to sign up or renew a Residential Maintenance Membership.