How can CPS improve your summer comfort?

sscouplesin033_squareIf you already have central air conditioning in your home, you probably have noticed that the efficiency and performance of that A/C system can degrade over time: either from age or from less-than-perfect maintenance.

An inexperienced HVAC technician often doesn’t know how to slow this loss of performance. But a trained, experienced technician can bring some of it back. And that’s the edge that CPS offers to our customers. Every one of our technicians is NATE-certified (our industry’s gold standard) and goes through ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest in heating and cooling technology. You can be assured the job will be done right, for a reasonable cost.

This same level of experience proves invaluable when it comes to selecting a new or replacement air conditioning system. To meet environmental safeguards, the entire air conditioning industry has experienced significant changes in recent years. Our consultants and technicians are well-versed on the latest innovations such as Puron® environmentally friendly refrigerant, high-efficiency compressors, reduced-noise units and “smart” controls and thermostats.

Whether you need service or a new system, please give CPS a try. It’s all we ask — and we’ll do our utmost to prove your decision was a wise one.

What about ductless?

Recent technology advances have made ductless cooling and heating units — easy and quick to install, with low operating cost — an option for many of our customers. Specific living areas (or an entire house) can be made comfortable without the need for intrusive (and, often, expensive) ductwork. Does it make more sense than central air conditioning? Our home consultants will discuss with you the pros and cons of each system type, and help you make the best decision for your family. Learn more.

Give us a no-pressure call today to see how you can enhance your indoor living and save money.

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