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While April showers do bring May flowers, April also brings the beginning of seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies affect all of us differently, but one thing is for certain, the air inside our home should never contribute to our symptoms.

Today’s question is: How do I keep seasonal allergens outside of my home?

Let’s take a look at some homeowner DIY-friendly tips to keep your home comfortable and safe this spring. The concern about COVID is also a big factor in monitoring indoor air quality. Learn more about keeping your home safe from COVID here.

Furry Friends 

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Unfortunately, our furry friends are often the biggest contributors to high pollen counts inside our homes. Between rolling in the dirt and scavenging through the bushes, our dogs can collect pollen, grass, ragweed, and more on their fur and bring allergy triggers inside. While sharing our couches and blankets with pets may seem harmless, it can become especially risky in the spring when allergen counts are high.

Giving pets extra baths during the spring months and keeping them off of sleeping and sitting areas is an easy measure to reducing allergy attacks inside your home.

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We’re Carriers Too

Just like our pets, we are carriers too. Remember that allergens stick to our clothing and shoes, so washing clothing regularly and being mindful of changing outdoor clothing before getting into bed or on the comfy couch is important. During the spring months, take the time to wash bedding regularly to minimize the risk of discomfort while you sleep. Showering after spending extended time outdoors is a good idea too, because allergens can discreetly hide in our hair and skin.

Mindfully Opening Windows 

If you are especially susceptible to seasonal allergies, limit the amount of outdoor air that enters the home. It is energy efficient and enjoyable to have open windows on warm days, but it makes it easy for pollen to trickle into your house. While having the fresh outdoor air does contribute to air purity, be aware of windy conditions. Opening windows that face the same direction as the wind will mitigate the opportunity for breezes of pollen to enter the home. As a reminder, while screens are helpful to keep the cats inside and the birds outside, they do not protect against pollen and allergens. Depending on the severity of seasonal allergy symptoms, it may be necessary to keep windows and doors entirely closed during peak allergy season. If you experience seasonal allergy symptoms we have indoor air quality solutions to ensure you and your family are breathing clean air in your home.

Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning your home regularly is especially important during peak allergy seasons. Allergens are small particles that can easily hide. The following are a list of places where allergens often lurk:


  • On and around curtains
  • Bedding
  • Carpets
  • Near windows
  • On couches and blankets

Of course, some cleaning products are triggers in and of themselves. Consider finding natural cleaning products and using absorbent cleaning techniques to minimize the amount of dust that might be kicked up during cleaning.

There are affordable tests you can purchase to help monitor your indoor air quality. Learn more in our recent blog here.




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