Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are growing in popularity across Massachusetts. Contact CPS HVAC for installation, quotes and rebates available in your area.

Heat pumps have become very popular with Massachusetts homeowners in recent years, and with good reason. Heat pumps are convenient, energy-efficient, and versatile. They are environmentally friendly and can last longer than other heating and cooling systems.

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air outside (or from the ground if you have a ground source heat pump), circulating refrigerant between an outdoor compressor and an indoor air unit and distributing it inside. Conversely, during the warmer months, this process is reversed, sending heat outside of the home and providing you with cool air.

These systems are powered by electricity at relatively low consumption rates, making heat pumps more cost-efficient than other methods of heating and cooling. They can also be used in both ducted and ductless configurations.

For colder climates, such as Massachusetts in the winter, some homes find it cost-effective to use a dual fuel system. When temperatures drop too low for the heat pump to work at the most effective level, the system switches to a high-efficiency furnace to generate heat. The most cost-optimal switchover temperature depends on the backup system’s heating fuel. A dual system is not always necessary however, and frequently a heat pump can handle all of a home’s heating and cooling needs.

We can help you find the best system for your home and needs that will keep you and your family comfortable while saving energy and money. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

As a part of the Mass Save® Heat Pump Installer Network, we can provide access to rebates up to $16,000 on air source heat pumps and up to $25,000 on ground source heat pumps. %0 financing opportunities are also available on qualifying improvements.
For more information, visit MassSave.com/HeatPump.

CPS Heating and Cooling is a Mass Save Heat Pump Installer partner

“The CPS team did a great job installing a heat pump & several mini-splits at our home. They got the project done on-time and communicated well along the way about the process and any questions we had. Highly recommended!”

Brian M.

“Have 12 yr old Carrier Heat Pump. CPS has been very good at ensuring it continues to operate in tiptop form.”

Peter D.

“Installed new furnace and smart thermostat. I would recommend this company.”

David C.

CPS technicians were very knowledgeable and professional. It was a pleasure to have them install my new gas furnace and heat pump.”

James C.

“This recent visit was for a heating system repair and I can’t say was there any issue with this visit, tech was right on time, friendly, polite and explained completely everything he was doing. I had questions which he answered in a way I would understand. Highly recommend anyone who may be in need of heating or air conditioning repairs or updating their current system(s) to give CPS a call.”

Jim M.

“Justin M visited our home for our annual maintenance of our heating system. He was very professional, knowledgable and thorough. I recommend CPS to other clients, particularly Justin.”

Michelle F.

“Justin did my heating maintenance. He was efficient and suggested that the acid neutralizing rocks should be changed. He returned in two days and did the work and also was nice enough to replace an air filter that I had ordered and just came. I was very happy with him and his work.”

Jean J.

“The technician provided excellent service on our heating system. I felt very comfortable with his work. He took the time to make suggestions and answer all of my questions in a professional manner.”

Paul B.