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In New England, the seasons are anything but cut and dry. In recent memory, we’ve had 50-degree days in December, and I’ve still had on long pants and shirts in June. The transitions between seasons can make it difficult to achieve ideal comfort, especially when families are looking to save on heating costs.

I know people who make it a competition to see who turns on their heat last. For everyone who wants to win that game, as well as those who simply want ideal climate control at prices within reach, this article is for you.

If you use a ductless mini-split system to stay cool and dry during the summer, you’re already a step ahead. These affordable, easy-to-install units are popular solution for room-specific cooling and heating.

The Magic Behind The Ductless Split

Down to about freezing, your mini-split system is the more efficient option over a furnace or other forms of central heating. Whereas firing up your house-wide heating system is excessive during chilly nights, the focused climate control of the mini-split makes it the more efficient option to heat individual rooms as needed.

Energy efficiency and climate-controlled comfort are designed into the heating elements of ductless splits as well as their cooling capabilities. In fact, in the fall and spring, when temperatures are all over the place, the customizable temperature settings of your mini-split really make a huge difference in how you manage the climate throughout your home.CPS Heating & Cooling specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for both commercial and residential customers. The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce recognized CPS as a Small Business of the Year.If your house is like mine, fall is a time of year when each room of the house can have a totally different temperature. I may put on a sweater in the TV room only to take it off and still end up sweating in the sunroom.

Since mini-splits allow for room-by-room temperature control, the units only use the energy needed to regulate the comfort of an individual room. For a few pennies a night, you can keep the bedroom cozy without having to heat up the rooms that get sun all day.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of a mini-split in chilly weather.


The electric-bill-slashing, earth-friendly efficiency of the mini-split isn’t just a summer thing.

As you may know, ductless systems are more energy efficient than big clunky window units.

  • Some central cooling and heating systems may lose up to 30% of their efficiency in the ducts delivering air. A ductless system avoids this waste
  • Unlike a central system, a mini-split can switch off completely when it’s not in use rather than just slowing down
  • Plus, the state-of-the-art equipment doesn’t rely on brute force and continuous electricity consumption the way window units do

Boston MetroWest turns to CPS Heating & Cooling for ductless spit installation. Our expert HVAC technicians can help you save on energy costs.

Add up the savings on your electric bill, savings in state and federal rebates and tax incentives, and saving by planet by lowering your carbon footprint, using mini-splits as part of your heating and cooling approach is a win-win!

Custom Comfort

As the weather gets colder, particularly at night, a mini-split lets you heat occupied rooms without heating the rest of the house. If your bedroom on the north side of the house is chilly, you don’t have to make your kids sweat in their rooms by turning on your furnace.

Customizing your comfort with a ductless split is more efficient down to about 32-degrees Fahrenheit. When the weather is below freezing, however, it’s time to switch on your central heating because the ductless system has to work too hard to heat that single room in a freezing-cold house.

CPS Heating & Cooling can improve the indoor air quality in your home. Keep your family healthy with affordable air quality solutions.

Anyone in your family have allergies, asthma, sinus problems, or respiratory conditions? Dust, pollen, mold, and other pollutants build up in ductwork and cause and exacerbate severe health problems. Not only do mini-splits work without ducts, but the filters on the units are easily accessible to clean regularly.

Guest Rooms, Add-Ons, and those Grown Kids Living Above your Garage

Why heat the guest room when you don’t have any guests? A ductless system is ideal for those rooms that don’t get much use.

If you’re adding on or converting storage space into living space, like in an attic or loft space above the garage, installing a mini-split can be a turnkey alternative to extending your home’s ductwork. The on-demand operation of a ductless system makes it ideal for your new rooms—especially in those rushed situations when your grown-up kids suddenly move back home!

Own Your Own Business?

CPS Heating & Cooling is your workplace solution for climate-controlled comfort. Reduce employee sick days with increased indoor air quality.

CPS Heating & Cooling is your workplace solution for climate-controlled comfort. Reduce employee sick days with increased indoor air quality.]

Small business owners know the value of cost savings, and the same versatile installation and operating advantages mini-splits offer homeowners make them ideal for multifamily properties, commercial space, restaurants, and retail locations.

Extending ductwork through concrete walls may not be an option, but you can retrofit the slim tubing and wires of a ductless system just about anywhere. Plus, improving the comfort of your workers and customers always translates into increased profits.

Cool fall weather doesn’t need to bring an end to total comfort when you have the comfort, efficiency, and convenience of a ductless mini-split.

Find your comfy zone this fall!


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