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When we think of appointments, what usually comes to mind are semi-annual doctor and dentist visits. It makes sense, our health is a priority. The health of your HVAC equipment is important too. Just like routine dentist visits check the health of your teeth and ensure cavities are not forming, HVAC maintenance visits make sure your equipment is working at peak performance and will live up to its projected lifetime. Skip a few years of dentist appointments, and you could spend a fortune on root canals and cavity fillings. Similarly, neglected HVAC equipment can be costly.

When it comes to purchasing a maintenance contract, there are key items you want to be sure are included. Understand what to consider and make the best choice for your household.

Expert Service Technicians

Choosing an HVAC provider that employs licensed and insured technicians is critical. At CPS we have a professional staff that are knowledgeable about the equipment being handled and we are fully licensed and insured. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and multiple other associations to support our company mission of providing services that promote integrity and quality.

Homeowners in Boston MetroWest know heating and cooling near me means CPS Heating & Cooling. Our HVAC technicians save you money on factory-warrantied HVAC equipment.

Full-Scope Maintenance 

  • Of course, the purpose of a maintenance visit is to have your HVAC serviced. Make sure the following items are in your contract:
  • Equipment is lubricated, adjusted, and safety-tested
  • Depending on quality, filters are either replaced or cleaned with high quality 1’ pleated filters
  • 23-point inspection of system

With a CPS Preventative Maintenance Agreement you will receive the aforementioned maintenance with additional benefits:

CPS Standard Maintenance Plan:

  • Priority service over non-agreement customers
  • Automatic reminders; we contact you when it’s time for inspection
  • 50% discount off normal diagnostic fee and 15% discount on all repairs related to covered equipment

CPS Premium Maintenance Plan:

  • Priority service over non-agreement customers
  • Automatic reminders, we contact you when it’s time for inspection
  • No diagnostic fee
  • No charge when service calls are made on covered equipment
  • Parts and labor included on any needed repairs
  • If equipment needs replacement, CPS will apply a portion of maintenance agreement cost towards a new unit

With preventative measures available, it’s worth your while to invest in a Maintenance Agreement.

CPS is a full service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company.

Look at the following benefits annual maintenance provides:

  • Equipment operates at peak efficiency
  • Utility bills are lowered as a result of peak performance
  • Energy conservation
  • Maximized lifetime of equipment
  • Healthy air quality inside your home
  • Assurance of warranty protection*

It’s important to remember, most equipment warranty plans require annual maintenance

In order to catch problems before they start (or get bigger than they already are), lower energy bills and eliminate hassle and stress, we highly recommend investing in a CPS Preventative Maintenance Plan.


CPS Heating and Cooling

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